UPort 407

Manufacture: MOXA

Description: Externally powered USB hubs are the only way to guarantee the broadest compatibility with USB devices. The UPort? 404 and UPort? 407 are industrial-grade USB 2.0 hubs that expand 1 USB port into 4 and 7 USB ports, respectively. The hubs are designed to provide true USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbps data transmission through each port, even for heavy-load applications. USB-IF certified and fully compliant with the USB Plug & Play specification, the UPort? 404 and UPort? 407 USB hubs provide a full 500 mA of power per port to ensure that your USB devices will function properly. Support for 12-40 VDC power also makes these USB hubs ideal for mobile applications.

USB-IF Certification The UPort? 404 and UPort? 407 industrial-grade USB 2.0 hubs have passed USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) certification. USB-IF verifies a number of strict electrical requirements for high-speed hubs designed for the USB 2.0 specification. This means that the UPort? 404 and UPort? 407 USB hubs support up to 480 Mbps USB 2.0 transmission, are fully compliant with interoperability requirements, have enough power for devices to function, and provide a successful transition back to high-speed operation from suspend mode.

ESD Level 4 Protection Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be as severe as having more than one thousand volts of ESD with a high rise time (dv/dt) break through the junction layer of protective devices. To guard against serious damage, Moxa's UPort? 404/407 USB hubs provide ESD level 4 (contact 8 KV, air 15 KV) protection, which increases the quality and value of the user's end-product.

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Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hubs for up to 480 Mbps USB transmission
USB-IF certification
Dual power inputs (power jack and terminal block)
15 kV ESD Level 4 protection for all USB ports
Rugged metal housing
DIN-Rail and wall mountable
Comprehensive diagnostic LEDs
Choose bus power or external power (UPort 404)



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