MGate 5103

Manufacture: MOXA

Description: The MGate 5103 is an industrial Ethernet gateway for Modbus RTU/ ASCII/TCP, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET network communications. To integrate existing Modbus devices onto a PROFINET network, use the MGate 5103 as a Modbus master/slave or EtherNet/IP adapter to collect data and exchange data with PROFINET devices. The latest exchange data will be stored in the gateway as well. The gateway converts stored Modbus or EtherNet/IP data into PROFINET packets so the PROFINET IO controller can control or monitor field devices.

Easy Configuration via Web Console The MGate 5103 series comes with an illustrated Quick Setup guide designed to make configuration easy. With Quick Setup, you can easily access protocol conversion modes and finish the configuration in a few steps. The MGate 5103 series also supports a GSDML export function. GSDML files can be imported into PROFINET PLCs to save time on PLC configuration. Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP Protocol Traffic Monitor MGate 5103 series gateways support Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP Protocol Traffic Monitor for easy troubleshooting, especially during the installation stage. Communication issues could be caused by incorrect software parameters, such as slave IDs and register addresses, or incorrect command configuration. With Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP Protocol Traffic Monitor, you can check the captured data and easily identify the root cause. Maintenance Functions MGate 5103 series gateways provide a web console and Telnet console for remote maintenance. Encryption communication functions, including HTTPS and SSH, are supported to provide better network security. In addition, firmware log functions are provided to record connection events and Modbus maintenance events. Users can review log data remotely through the web console.

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Supports PROFINET IO devices
Supports Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP master/slave configurations
Effortless configuration via web-based wizard
Supports EtherNet/IP Adapter
Complete diagnosis information for maintenance
Embedded Modbus traffic monitoring
microSD card for configuration backup and event logs
-40 to 75øC wide operating temperature models available
Modbus port with 2 kV built-in isolation protection
Built-in Ethernet cascading for easy wiring
Security based on IEC-62443



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