Manufacture: MOXA

Description: Redundancy is an important issue for industrial networks, and various types of solutions have been developed to provide alternative network paths when equipment or software failures occur. ?Watchdog? hardware is installed to utilize redundant hardware-and a ?Token?- switching software mechanism is applied. The CN2600 terminal server uses its built-in Dual-LAN ports to implement a ?Redundant COM? mode that keeps your applications running uninterrupted.

Dual-LAN Redundancy The CN2600 has two separate LAN ports that can be connected to separate LAN networks. Dual-LAN redundancy involves setting up two separate physical networks to connect the PC host with the CN2600 (the PC host also requires two LAN cards). If one connection fails, the PC host can still communicate with your serial devices over the alternative LAN connection.

Redundant COM Moxa offers ?Redundant COM?, an easy-to-use application to provide an alternative solution for network redundancy. When the CN2600 receives a data packet from a connected device, two identical data packets are sent over two independent LAN connections to prevent lost data packets if one LAN connection becomes unavailable. The CN2600 software is programmed to automatically discard duplicate data packets.

Dual-host Redundancy The CN2600's dual LAN cards can also be used to set up ?dual-host? redundancy. In this case, both networks (LAN A and LAN B in the figure) are connected to two different hosts. If either of the two hosts shuts down unexpectedly, the other host will still be able to communicate with serial devices connected to the CN2600.

Dual-AC Model Supported Dual-power redundancy uses two power inputs and redundant internal power supplies to ensure that all of the CN2600's functions will be available, even in the event of power circuit failures.

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LCD panel for easy IP address configuration (excluding wide temperature range models)
Dual-LAN cards with two independent MAC addresses and IP addresses
Redundant COM function available when both LANs are active
Dual-host redundancy can be used to add a backup PC to your system
Dual-AC-power inputs (for AC models only)
Real COM/TTY drivers for Windows and Linux
Universal high-voltage range: 100 to 240 VAC or 88 to 300 VDC



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